Money 2020 Europe will see thousands of attendees from all four corners of the globe descend on Copenhagen this week, all of which are at the forefront of innovation in the Payments and FinTech industries. We’ll be keeping an eye on the events that emerge over the coming week and will be hoping to see our clients having a great time.

Included in this group of thought-leaders, we can expect to see an interview with CEO of VST Enterprises, Louis-James Davis. From musician to entrepreneur, Mr Davis has developed technology that is transforming the authentication of people, goods and payments.

The interview, which will be taking place on Monday 26th June, 1:45pm-2:-2:15pm, will focus on government and national security, along with the revolutionary change from QR code to VCode. The discussion will take place at the M50 UK Pavillion stand.

Louis-James will also be attending the Europe Industry Party, which is going ahead on the Tuesday night. One cosponsor of the event, taking place at the Tivoli Gardens, is The Chargeback Company. We will therefore see Monica Eaton Cardone, co-founder of the company, attend the party.

As the head of one of Europe’s leading providers of new intelligent anti-fraud software, Risk Ident’s CEO, Roberto Valerio will be tackling a number of topics at stand F21, including use device identification and machine learning to prevent fraud in mobile-first shopping and how to fight bots that disrupt ticket sales.

Other names to look out for are Steven Stuut, CEO of Jumio, Trevor Clarke, co-founder of Ethoca and Ian Clowes, CEO of Payment Cloud Technologies.

Angela Yore, Joint MD at SkyParlour will be representing us and visiting our clients, as they participate in their interviews. She will also be watching out for the rest of SkyParlour’s clientele who are attending the event. With Angela’s expertise in the FinTech and payments industries, she’ll be interested to hear what attendees have to say about current and up-and-coming events, occurring in the area.

SkyParlour is looking forward to Europe’s premier FinTech and Payments event, which takes place from 25th June up until the 29th. It will be great to see the greatest minds in FinTech and Payments come together and hopefully some exciting ideas will be born there.