In The City is a unique members club, comprising of CEOs, Directors, Investors and decision makers designed to bring together those with a common goal.

In The City was established in 2015 by VST Enterprises to unite Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital Firms, Charities, Tech Businesses, Banks and Professional Service Companies.The aim of the virtual network is to encourage In The City members and guests to work as one (not only to improve their own businesses) but to vastly improve the local economy, education and social environments for young people and the communities and cities in which they live.

It’s founding members, including VST Enterprises CEO, Louis James Davies, Microsoft Head of technology for partners James Akrigg, and SkyParlour co-founder Kimberley Lourenco Marques (nee Waldron) aim to grow the In The City network, in Manchester and other cities including London and New York, to connect the investor community with innovation and charities in order to ‘Change the World, one city at a time’