Staying safe online shouldn’t be a kamikaze mission. But as fraud attacks grow more aggressive by the week, merchants seem to be over correcting for the problem, starving their businesses of sales. Each eCommerce merchant sets their own controls for determining fraud. The problem is that legitimate customers often fall foul of these rules. So what rules should they set? and how tight should they make the net?

This an industry-wide dilemma that deserves centre stage in eCommerce discourse. Last week, Business Intelligence reported that false declines of legitimate transactions are costlier than actual fraud.

Crucially, fraud prevention should be about accepting as many orders as possible while identifying and discarding fraudulent transactions. Many of our clients dedicate themselves to this objective. Kount and Ethoca, for instance, have recently integrated their solutions to pick out fraud at both ends of the transaction process. Kount Complete, a multi-dimensional fraud tool, captures fraud at the point of transaction while Ethoca Alerts notifies the merchant of any confirmed fraud in time for the transaction to be blocked

The result – merchants can accepting more good orders while capturing fraud. These innovations have broad benefits for merchants and customers alike – helping to build a better online experience for everyone.