Business Travel News explain how Conferma Enables Email Confirmations for Virtual Cards as Alternative for Faxes.

Conferma now can deliver virtual card confirmations to participating suppliers via email, a practice that Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards previously did not allow without proper encryption. The new Conferma Connect service safely transmits its clients’ virtual card information to all suppliers but will be especially useful for hotels, as it will eliminate the need to fax payment details.

Conferma has spoken to about 1,000 hotels—independent properties, not chains—to gauge interest and refine the workflow. It has piloted with 75 of them in the United Kingdom and Australia. CEO Simon Barker explained,

“We’ve been dealing with a lot of hotels in Australia where they have email but don’t have fax machines, so it’s a great place to start,” Barker said. Still, “it’s early days yet … and any change takes time.”

Conferma expects more traction once it fully launches with TMC and global distribution system partners.