Innovative smartphone app empowers users to take control of their regular bills to save UK households up to £8 billion each year on energy bills alone

August 2018, London – According to UK energy regulator, Ofgem1, over 27 million households2  across the country are wasting as much as £300 each every year by not comparing and switching energy suppliers alone. Throw in the seven other regular bills which households could each be overspending on, such as; broadband, TV or mobile phones, and the wastage soon goes into £1k+.

Newly-launched in the UK, billbutler aims to transform the way UK households think about their bills, providing a convenient, easy and pain-free way for users to monitor their spending all in one place and on the go. The first household assistant app that gives users the ability to easily manage their energy, mobile, broadband, water and other utility bills from the palm of their hand. It even alerts and enables users to switch to better deals when they are available, giving them the potential to save hundreds of pounds every year.

“Managing household bills can be challenging for households. Knowing what needs paying and when, how much you’re spending, when contracts end – there is just too much to understand before you even get around to shopping around for cheaper deals,” explained Gurvinder Bassi, Director at billbutler. “That’s why we created billbutler. Everything about our app is designed to make bill management incredibly quick, transparent and friction-less, helping users to take control of their spending.”

The billbutler app is free to download from iOS and Android app stores. Once downloaded, users can instantly access their regular bills by linking their utility bills to the billbutler app. A central dashboard on the app allows users to see at a glance what bills they need to pay a bill and how much it will cost, while handy notifications about cheaper utility deals from over 40 trusted suppliers means users can see straight away where they can save money. In addition to helping consumers, this presents an exciting new opportunity for utility providers to engage with consumers and gain new business.

“By encouraging consumers to go out and shop around for deals, billbutler offers utility businesses a chance to demonstrate the value of their services and attract even more new customers. Smaller, fresher companies in particular can benefit from this, as they have a new platform where they can make their offering known to consumers, so they can compete with established rivals,” Gurv added.

As well as monitoring regular household bills and past statements, billbutler’s direct messaging service and split bill feature enables friends and family to easily share the cost of bills. By the end of 2018, users will be able to integrate a wider variety of household bills home and car insurance, TV subscriptions such as Netflix and much more.


To find out more about billbutler, visit: https://www.mybillbutler.uk/