Tech giants such as NEC, Cisco, NVIDIA, NetApp, APC, Microsoft and Citrix are backing ebb3’s game-changing 3D visualisation platform which aims to simply graphics workstations in any location.

Up until now, it was necessary to have a powerful workstation to do your heavyweight graphics work. But as Andy Bowker, ebb3’s Executive Founder explains, in actual fact, all you need is an internet connection – providing you have ebb3’s High Performance Virtual Computer (HPVC) on the other end of it.

“Before now, engineers using 3D graphical software like Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk AutoCAD and Bentley MicroStation were confined to a workstation in a fixed location. We designed the HPVC to push new boundaries, making it possible to deliver 3D graphics to 4K screens, and to give access to 3D graphical applications smoothly and seamlessly, wherever there’s an internet connection.”

Traditional workstations require powerful hardware to run smoothly, and a significant amount of power to run at peak performance, contributing to an average running cost of just under £30,000 per year for organisations with 5 mid-range workstations.

Additionally, traditional workstations are fixed to one location, and only allow one user to access the software.

As well as the plentiful power, and the cost benefits, the HPVC grants access to up to 50 users simultaneously (from any location, of course).

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